Monday, March 15, 2010

We're moving along anyway

After the double whammy of having a spec Honda engine mandated in the Moto2 rules and not getting a grid position for said Honda spec class we needed to do a little soul searching to decide our next steps. After weighing the pros and cons of dealing with a pre-designed engine/airbox combo I decided to continue on my merry way down the path less trodden, namely continuing with the custom engined V4 design. I feel that once complete the result will speak for itself and stand head and shoulders above any other custom racebike out there.

So, after a few months of wandering in the wilderness, we're starting back up on the project. I just signed a contract with a top quality aluminum casting vendor to produce the molds and crankcase castings. A post on that and many other topics will follow shortly as parts start coming in. I'll be using this blog as a forum to show our progress and let the masses have their $.02 if they feel so inclined.