Thursday, June 6, 2013

Madame Tussaud's Motorcycle Parts

Parts Parts Parts!  I picked up the molds and wax patterns for the first 2 parts from my friend's place Metal Kinetics.  His guy did a great job on the molds and wax patterns.  They are nice big pink silicone molds that should be good for at least 100 parts.

The small 3rd piece for each mold is to make the cored out area inside the footpeg bracket area as shown in the image below:
The jagged edges look haphazard but do a very good job of keeping the mold parts aligned.  The wax patterns looked great with a nice smooth surface.  All the bondo and primer work I did was well worth the effort.
The whole shipment makes me feel like I'm making progress.
I sent 4 of each part out for to Harbor Castings for investment casting in 4130 steel.  They will also heat treat it to an "N" condition to remove internal stresses and match the tubing temper.  I am keeping 2 of each wax for display purposes and in case there are any quick modifications needed for a 2nd revision.  It is easy to modify the pattern using a soldering iron and wax to add or cut away pieces for design changes.

Now for something completely different here's one of the diamonds that Gui was making a ring for at his shop:
It was big and beautiful!  And could fund my motoring projects for a few years, at least!  Unfortunately he needed it back.

Hopefully the casting won't take too long and I'll make another post as soon as parts come back.



Of parts!!!!!  Like Christmas in June.

More to come....