Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nice Surprise for the Weekend

And I don't mean Hurricane Irene!  On short notice I was offered a ride to the Indy GP and a free paddock pass!  Imagine how long it took to reply 'hell yes!'  So instead of hell and high water keeping me away from an event, the hurricane will hit NYC long after we're gone.  I'm going with a group involved in a still not yet finalized Gary Nixon tribute.  We'll be in the garage area behind Gasoline Alley (I like the sound of that) all weekend, likely the only ones with a blue ex-Nixon triumph.  I'll be the guy trying to sneak into each MotoGP garage and get close up shots of the bikes!

If anyone within range of this post will be there drop by and say hi.

Here's to a great weekend of racing at the Brickyard.

Oh, next week I'll be doing a bunch of bike work so more posts are in the pipeline.