Thursday, April 18, 2013

Almost Done!

Nearly done with these damn plastic parts!  They look pretty good and should make excellent master patterns.

Before doing any additional finish work I had to glue the 3 pieces together that make up the chassis front section where the control arms, damper, and steering assembly bolt.  This is a crucial part for the chassis and is replaceing about 15 pieces that were machined and welded together.

Gluing went smoothly and the final part alignment was great.

The rest of the parts got another round of fill and sanding and now are ready for a final coat of primer.  Peter is busy shooting some color on his truck parts so the paint booth is off-limits for a day or 2 while he finishes.

I should get in there before the end of the weekend and hit them with the final coat of primer then a couple of coats of clear gloss to seal the surface and give it a nice shiny surface to help mold release.