Monday, July 29, 2013

A needed distraction

I did mention this a few months ago but have not posted again being in fear of the universe getting too much of an advance notice of my plans and throwing a wrench in the works.

I'm making a long needed return to the racetrack this weekend at the AHRMA event at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  I'll be riding the Rotacular, something I have not done for almost 5 years.  I don't think I ever raced the bike (Todd Puckett was my rider) with the Ducati head and fuel injection so hopefully it will be a great weekend rolling on the throttle.  Of course there is a strong possibility that it will be a long weekend rebuilding the engine but what the hell.

If anyone is in the area it will be a great time with lots of really cool vintage machinery and a bunch of modern stuff thrown in for good measure.  And the Rotacular.

I've spent a few days looking the bike over from a chassis perspective and everything looks nice and solid.  After getting a couple of new batteries (one for the bike one for the starter) I attempted to start the engine.

SWEET!!!!  It started on the first try and sounds as mean as ever.  That's 560cc of cylinder firing every other revolution and putting out mid-70s Hp at the rear wheel.  Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll get the bike on Peter's dyno and do a few runs under load to make sure its ready for the track.

Racing happens on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5.  I will be racing in Sound of Singles 1 (my main class) and Sound of Thunder (the twins bump class) both days or until the fuse on my engine runs out.

I'm excited.  Very excited.  And a bit nervous.  And that's good.  Can't wait until the end of the week. Its been a long time since I've been woken up to the sounds of racebikes starting.

Wish me luck!