Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's get things moving!

Here's you chance to help us out!  I've been moving along with the project as I can but progress can be much faster with your contribution.  I want to try to get the engine running by the end of the January and we can get there but need your help.  I've set up a PayPal address that will accept donations of any amount.  You can click the button here or the donations button on the right side of the blog under the followers.


What I need is $25,000 to get the first 2 engines up and running.  The money will be spent on the following items:

-3 of more sets of crankcase castings  $3000

-finishing of 3 crankshafts: $4000

-primary drive gear grinding for 3 pieces: $1200

-Nikasil cylinder plating for 4 castings: $2200

-ECU/support electronics: $10,000

-dyno engine fixture: $2000

There's a little cushion in there for potential bumps in the road.  These expenses are for outside vendor work and components.  If I could I'd make this stuff in-house but in these specific areas it is best to go to the acknowledged experts in the field to get the work done right.

Donations of any amount are accepted.  For a $50 donation you will receive a t-shirt and sticker.  $250 gets your name on the fairing in 24 point type.  Donations of $500 will earn an engraved name on the cases of the first and second running engine.  Imagine how cool it will be to show up at a racetrack and be able to point out your name engraved on a racebike engine!  I have not though about perks for gifts over $500 but feel free to test my imagination!

Regardless of how much comes in through these donations I am still moving forward as fast as possible with the project.  I am currently throwing everything I have at it and will continue to do so.

Thanks for reading and following the project, your comments and readership help me to continue pushing for completion.