Friday, July 2, 2010

Machining the Gasket Split Surface

Now that we've gotten accurate mounting features and a matching fixture plate we can start machining the rest of the part.

These operations are relatively simple, some facing, drilling and a bit of spot-facing. I'll be machining the following features:
  • face the main gasket surface

  • drill/main bearing stud holes

  • drill/tap crankcase attachment bolt holes
  • drill cylinder head oil drain holes
  • spotface/drill oil passage in filter area

That's all I have for now. I hope everybody has a fun 4th of July holiday. Until next time.


Machining the Girdle

Now that the girdle has been scanned and determined to be accurate, I can reference known location features to accurately position and clamp the part to the mill bed.

Once rigidly clamped onto the bed, chips will start to fly.


  • machine fixture plate and mount part

Now we're ready to machine the rest of the features using the 4th axis setup. Unfortunately, it's time to shift to some customer work for a few days.