Saturday, December 21, 2019

Big Plans for 2020!!!!!!

Hello all, time for a long deserved (and needed) update.  Last time I checked in it was AHRMA at NJMP during June, 2018.  I had a blast and the bike ran well.  Barber for 2018 was beaconing like the sirens to Odysseus.  See them?

Falling prey to its song, I went.  And had even more fun.  Besides having a great group in the paddock, including a nice contingent from the UK and road race specialist Maria Costello, we were able to tap into the vast real estate network of Blonk Industries to secure an excellent house to stay in.

The bike ran great at Barber too!  Who could have imagined the Rotacular being such a low maintenance bike?

Needless to say, the hook was firmly set.  Looking forward to a cold winter what else was there to do but give the bike a refresh and continue on in 2019?  Though it was running well it was a bit tired and looking ragged around the edges.

A few months go by and progress is seemingly great.  We show up at the AHRMA event at NJMP with a shiny bike, ready to go.

Shiny, but unfortunately with an oil leak.  Not being able to figure it out I never took the bike on the track, the consequences could be far too severe to risk myself or others.

I took the time between NJMP and Barber to sort the oil leak and try to get the part throttle mapping improved.  I even did a track day at Pocono to be sure it all ran before trotting the bike down to Barber.

To make a long story short, we got to AHRMA Barber and though the bike looked great among the landscaping, it never ran.  A new problem with the ECU meant no fuel.  No matter what we did, no luck.

It was a tough blow to take.  Lots of effort and zero payback.  Ugh.  The problem was, the racing hook was still firmly set in my brain.  What to do, what to do?

The answer seems fairly obvious to anyone who knows me: double down for 2020.  The stakes of which will be revealed in the next post.

Stay tuned for the next update.......