Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Has it been 5 years?

Funny how time sometimes flies!  Time for a new post!

After a great winter skiing I was really bummed out when the snow melted in Vermont in May.  I was so down the only way to cheer myself up was to decide to get some track time in.  The decision had nothing to do with drunk shit-talking with Jamie and Annick.  Absolutely nothing.

I also really wanted to race at Barber again.  That place has good memories and a track that every version of the Rotacular loved.  Unfortunately (or not) due to entry limitations AHRMA does not just let everyone run at the crown jewel.  You have to run another full weekend at another track to earn the right.  Which brings us to this coming weekend at NJMP.

I've entered SOS 1 for both both Saturday and Sunday. And the Friday practice.  Yes, optimistic.  Yes, the potential for disaster is high. So is the potential for fun.

With some new fuel and battery the bike started right up as if it was waiting for me.  The control module on Peter's dyno is out for repair but the drum still let me do a few pulls under load and all seems OK.  Or at least the engine didn't puke any solids or liquids out!

So spirits are high and expectations are low.  Completing both races and leaving with a running bike would be about as good as it can get!  Here's to hoping for the best!

We are in a garage #112, stop by and say hello.