Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 min of fame

The post couple of days here at the shop have been a bit different. Through AHRMA racer Kenny Cumming's contacts we've had the film crew from Velocity (formerly Discovery HD Theater) filming footage for a couple of episodes.  Kenny was behind the development of my vintage fork upgrade kit and is a consistent winner with multiple AHRMA championships on his trick Seeley Norton.

One episode will be based on trying to do the ton on a new Royal Enfield at Beaver Run racetrack near Pittsburgh, PA.  We helped out sort the suspension a bit for high speed operation and tried to remove all the excess equipment on the bike.  I would have preferred to do a more comprehensive performance build but time limitations and available parts were extremely limited.  I think at least now it won't throw the rider off!

The second episode focuses on the bike space a few friends and I share and will have break outs with each of us individually and I get to talk about my project more directly.  It was fun and although there were no shouting matches or fistfights it should be worth watching.  I'll make a new post when they finalize a broadcast date.


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